Avis Fleet Inspections: Powered by Centricity

Avis Fleet is a big name when it comes to fleet management as a whole. Their staff carries out hundreds of inspections on fleet vehicles daily and they wanted to optimise this process. That’s where we came in.


Fleet Management


5 systems

Live Date

August 2018


Custom App

The Challenge

New Digital Customer Experiences

Avis Fleet wanted to create a platform where their customers could perform self-inspections on their own vehicles as well as log their odometer readings.​ This would reduce the burden on their internal vehicle inspectors, who currently carry out inspections of vehicles across the country.

Leverage Existing Investments

To avoid duplication of information and context switching, the application had to integrate with Avis Fleet’s own legacy / existing systems.

“It is refreshing to find a solution framework/platform that truly delivers on its promise. The speed of delivery, ease of configuration and flexibility of change of the Centricity Platform was to say the least, remarkable.”

Mike Ré

CIO Avis Fleet

The Solution

X-Layer Integration

Our Digital Solution partner JustSolve integrated Centricity with Avis Fleet’s systems using an integration layer called X-Layer, meaning all data captured in Centricity was instantly available on the back-office systems.​

Focused, Visual Processes

Custom processes were quickly authored in Centricity to create a clear step-by step guide for the person inspecting their vehicle. Each answer captured is stored, geo-tagged and timestamped, so an administrator at Avis Fleet can easily check the report history to verify no damage has been done to a vehicle without an inspector having to travel out.

The Outcome

Training-free system

The step by step process has been set-up in such a way that no training is required to understand what must be done. Avis Fleet customers can log an inspection of their own vehicle whenever convenient, meaning an inspection doesn’t need to be manually arranged saving operational costs.​

Anytime inspections

Avis Fleet can track and manage all data captured during vehicle inspections so they are always kept up to date on the status of their fleet.

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