Why Choose Centricity for your business?

It’s no secret that the world is going digital. In order to move forward in this ever-evolving digital space it’s imperative to stay on top of the game and streamline your business processes.

Tried and Tested

Centricity is being used by global organisations and local start-ups alike. No matter your size, we have you covered.


Designed to work beautifully for Organisations and their technicians working both in the office and out in the field.

A Problem Solver

For every problem encountered by an organisation we’ve sought to design and implement the best possible solution.

A platform built for business…

Features like SLA/history reporting, geo-tracking/time stamping, scheduling and role management make running your business a breeze.

… and designed for technicians.

With features like offline-capabilities and easy to use evidence fields, job dashboard and more – technicians will feel comfortable and in control.

From Problem to Solution

Through years of carefully studying how many businesses operate and what their pain points are with their processes, we have developed tailor-made solutions to keep businesses running smoothly.

Problem 1: inefficient dependencies and external bottlenecks

An increased dependency on IT departments to implement any desired changes to workflows via a complicated code-heavy backend system, resulting in a non-agile and expensive backlog of processes and execution.

Centricity Solution: Real-time control and visibility over processes

All activity by both external and internal parties is automatically captured, recorded, geotagged, and collated into a sole historical repository, providing a complete overview of every process touchpoint from start to finish, accessible at any time.

Problem 2: fragmented dialogue between parties and partners

A constant back-and-forth exchange of info and processes between organisations can be lost or misunderstood when dialogue is conducted via messy or cryptic mediums such as email, telephone or interrelated financial controls.

Centricity Solution: collaboration between organisations and roles

A social business component allows organisations to focus on their own core deliverables whilst leveraging the expertise of their strategic partners through shared workflows, processes
and roles.

Problem 3: Paper-heavy

Every new job iteration creates an additional pen and paper based workflow. Whilst in the field, access to previous iterations of a job would require manual retrieval of the job history from the large paper-trail stored and archived statically.

Centricity Solution: An intelligent and user friendly digital system

Workflows are initiated, carried out and completed electronically with every interaction recorded and logged as the job progresses. A complete history of each interaction with past, current and new jobs are available and accessible at all times.

Start optimising your business today