Create your new Digital Workspace in 5 steps

It’s no secret that the world is going digital. In order to move forward in this ever-evolving digital space it’s imperative to stay on top of the game and streamline your business processes.

Set up your Business

Create your Processes

Plan and Execute Work

Get out in the field

Track and Report


Step 1

Set up your Business

Create your organisation structure. Define roles for different individuals and teams, add and manage resources, and personalise your Centricity experience.

Roles and Permissions

Establish access rules for processes and define role types as they are in your organisation.

Custom Homescreen

By using the homescreen builder, you can easily create a custom look-and-feel for your Centricity app.

Fluid Integrations

Centricity helps you leverage your existing investments by allowing you to integrate with those solutions.


Step 2

Create your Processes

Take your process from paper to screen. Use the process builder to easily and effectively digitise your business processes. The wide range of data capturing fields caters for almost any data type you need.

30+ Evidence Controls

This is not your average form builder. Add data capturing fields to any step of your process. From plain text to barcodes, video and audio – the world is your oyster.

Version Control

Made a mistake and accidentally hit ‘save’? No problem, you can easily revert back. We keep an archive of every single version of your process so there’s no need to panic.

Publish and Go

When you hit the ‘publish’ button your process is ready to go. You can start executing that process right away – any changes are immediately effective.

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Step 3

Execute Jobs

Once you’ve created and published your process, it’s ready to roll. With the mobile app you can easily peruse your processes.


See all daily, weekly and monthly jobs straight on the dashboard – no more wondering what is coming up next.


Visit the organisation specific launchpad to view what jobs and processes can be executed or scheduled for later.

Job Execution

Single page layouts for every step allows the individual to focus on collecting the right information, every time.


Step 4

Get out in the field

The demand for an app that works in the field is steadily rising. We have catered specifically for the individuals who need to capture data and execute processes on the job.

Offline capabilities

When you team is offline with no signal, they can still execute, capture data and progress through a process.

Geo & Timestamping

You have full visibility on your team’s progress as each step of every job is geo-tagged and time-stamped.


Step 5

Reporting & Tracking

As a business owner or operations manager you often feel that your eyes need to be everywhere. Now, with Centricity, they can be. The advanced reporting and management features allow you to keep your finger on the heartbeat of the business at all times.

Job History

Each executed process has a unique and thorough report automatically generated after it’s completion.

SLA Management

With comprehensive views on the progress of jobs and due dates you have total control and visibility of your SLAs.

Live User Tracking

By toggling the On/Off duty switch you can have a live view of your technicians as they progress through their shift.

Start optimising your business today