Keep an eye on the ball with in-depth reporting capabilities

With comprehensive reports and tracking, keeping your finger on the heartbeat of your business has never been easier.


Every step in a process is time-stamped and geo-tagged by default – no setup required.

Print Ready

If you need to file or store physical copies, every report is generated as a print-ready PDF.

Linked Media

Every step requiring a media file has an associated media link embedded in the PDF report.

Job History

With just a few clicks you can see exactly what data was captured, who it was captured by, when it was captured as well as where. Every step is time-stamped and geo-tagged.


You have full visibility on which individual carried out each step. So, if you have different team members executing different steps you are able to clearly see this in the report.


All data captured is saved. Media files are linked in reports that are generated after a process is executed.


You can see the time stamps at which every step was executed at, allowing you to see the time it takes to complete.


With our tracking feature you can see your employee or technician’s location in real-time.

SLA Reporting

A compact, organised way of viewing processes at all the different stages. See what you have to do, when and where.

More info coming soon!

User Tracking

Know at any point in time where your workforce is at with the comprehensive user tracking feature.

More info coming soon!

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