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Edge Telecoms (Pty) Ltd is a communications partner actively engaged in the communications industry, focussing primarily on the establishment, provision and installation of FTTx infrastructure.





Live Date

September 2017


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The Challenge

Mobilise Field Based Staff

Creating on the go flows to allow current technical field-based staff to mobilise efficiently and allow for quick data and evidence gathering. To ensure multiple subcontractors were trained and aligned to execute evidence collecting in the field and change a paper-based, execution mindset.​

The Solution

Universal Processes

Created process driven workflows that are executed universally amongst all subcontractors in the field allowing for a standard approach to evidence collecting and reporting. Team and individual training allowed for staff feedback and participation in the process.​​

The Outcome

Clear Reporting

Management can keep track of multiple jobs in various regions across multiple sites. Reporting to stakeholders can show time and ​
location-based evidence. Contractor and payment management can be report and evidence dependant creating better control and reducing costs on repeat jobs not executed correctly on the first visit. ​​

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